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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Angels

Are angels still active? Do people have guardian angels? How many angels exist? And more.

How An Adulterous Pastor Destroyed My Family

After my mom’s affair with a pastor, I left home to live on the streets. I was eight years old.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Adam and Eve

Where did this creation story originate? Who takes it seriously? And more.

Is There a Right Way to Think About Hell?

Three evangelicals tell us why they don’t share each other’s views on hell.

The Devil We Need: Satan Through the Decades

Our popular culture keeps giving us the devils we’re looking for.

How the Devil Made Me Keep My Faith

Recollections from a demon-filled Catholic childhood.

I Know Satan When I See Him

Why I love all the dark and scary stories my fellow Christians tell me to avoid. 

Why I Wish Pope Francis Was Joking about the Devil (and Other Beliefs)

Here’s my four-word solution for those struggling with demonic possession: “Stop believing in demons.”

Is Faith in the Devil a House of Cards?

Some Christians think that if they don’t believe in the devil, their faith will fall apart. Maybe they need to play more poker.

The Modern Church Doesn’t Need a Make-Believe Devil

The biggest problem with all this talk of Satan is that he doesn’t exist.

What Is Satanism? An Overview of “a Different Path”

Don’t confuse Satanism with paganism or Wicca. It’s a category of religion unto itself.

Roma Downey: Why we cut Satan from “Son of God”

The devil was trying to hurt our movie about Jesus. So we cast him out.

Dark-skinned Satan has a long history

Long before Obama became the nation’s first black president, white supremacist theologians in the late 1800s claimed the devil was black.

The Truth of Satan’s Sin

The Qur’an talks about how Satan works — whispering in our hearts so that these sins seem fair, or even essential, to us.

Satan, a Real and Present Danger

Satan is a real and present danger, but Christians err on the other extreme by misunderstanding Satan and exaggerating his power.

Satan? Fear Not

What forces were at work in his soul which created such malice, such irrational hatred?

Satan and Evil Exist; Less Certain About The Devil

Satan is not some little guy with a pointy tail and a pitch fork.

Like God, Satan is Everywhere

Satan knows exactly our mindset, and works it to his advantage.