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Is yoga religious? An Indian court mulls mandatory school exercises

NEW DELHI — The Supreme Court of India is weighing whether yoga has a religious element, as it decides if … Continued

COMMENTARY: Don’t surrender Islam to the Islamists

RNS () — “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our … Continued

Egypt’s elections and the risky rule of God

ODD ANDERSEN AFP/GETTY IMAGES An Egyptian flag is placed next to the flag of the Freedom and Justice Party, founded … Continued

Consistent values for an inconsistent world

In light of the continuing political uprising throughout the Middle East, American leaders are reported to be recalculating their approach … Continued

Ken Buck “disagrees” with separation of church and state

By Gustav Niebuhr I just watched the clip of Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck declaring himself four-square against the … Continued

Struggle between secularism and theocracy

In recent debates between tea party-endorsed Senate candidates and their Democratic opponents, faith has emerged as a campaign issue. Calling … Continued

Mosque is insensitive; so are pandering politicians

The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque planned for construction near Ground … Continued

The morass that is Afghanistan

Q: In the wake of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal as chief commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, … Continued

Just a politician

Q: In the Weekly Standard, University of Virginia professor James. W. Ceaser argues that President Obama’s approval ratings are suffering, … Continued

The year in faith and reason

So-called events in the history of religion, like events in the history of reason, tend to be identifiable only in … Continued

Theocracy: Always a Problem, Never a Solution

Q: Eight years after the U.S. attacked Afghanistan, fighting continues. Religious extremists in the Taliban and al-Qaeda retain significant power … Continued

Calcutta Calling New York City

The New York City Council last week voted to add two Muslim holidays to the city’s public school calendar, citing … Continued

IRAN: Turmoil is More Hopeful than Order

Given the election-related turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran, can democracy ever take hold in a theocracy? How should … Continued

Laughter, the Best Islamic Medicine

Election-related turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Grading Obama’s Speech: A For Diplomacy, C- For Religious Dishonesty

If I were giving President Obama’s speech a grade solely for effectiveness in reaching out to the Muslim world, he … Continued

Totalitarians in Religious Clothing

How would you respond to radical Muslim clerics in northwest Pakistan — now under Islamic law — who are calling … Continued

Multiple Prayers at the Inauguration

Government should avoid bringing religion into official business. If the President-to-be-sworn-in wants to acknowledge his personal feelings about the roll … Continued

McCain’s Islamic Problem Isn’t a Preacher Problem

The Question: John McCain’s spiritual guide, televangelist Rod Parsley, calls Islam a “false religion” that should be “destroyed.” Should McCain … Continued

Presidential Spirituality, not Religion – Please!!

There is little reason to expect any linkage between the religious beliefs publicly professed by a president and the actual … Continued

Road to Sainthood Paved with Good Publicity

Since I never had a high opinion of Mother Teresa in the first place, this shameless publicity ploy to foster … Continued