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What Starbucks Can Teach Us About Altruism

Who would have imagined that secularism might positively influence altruism?

Christianity Is Not Going Away

Over the last decade, ostensibly secular New York City has seen increased church attendance and increased numbers of “born-again” believers.

Hobby Lobby Beat the Contraception Mandate. Here’s Why the Nuns May Not

Supreme court’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case adds fuel to Little Sisters’ fire.

What Happened to Religion in America? The I’s Have it

A Southern California synagogue dedicated to the idea that there is no God exemplifies America’s recent turn toward secularism. Is that a good thing?

Nones on a Mission

Why I’m drawn to the religion of the Nones.

Surfing Secularism: Why Fighting the Rest of the World Is a Losing Strategy for Churches

A pastor in Boston calls on his fellow church leaders to ride the wave of the times.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Atheism

Set your stereotypes aside and get to know atheists all over again.

Finding Faith in America’s Most Secular City

In arguably the nation’s most secular city, faith still manages to touch the lives of its inhabitants.

Only Humans Can Solve Human Problems

Why do the religious insist on looking to the divine to solve human problems?

Neither Catholic Nor Sharia Law

Neither Catholic Bishops nor any other religious leaders should have a right to dictate public policy for those outside their faith tradition.

Three Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Mayor Bloomberg fights against the observance of religious holidays in public schools

She’s Somebody’s Mama

Secular dialogue on the value of the human person, despite its limits and deserved criticism, is critical to the movement towards peace.