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White House: Drone program ‘legal,’ ‘ethical’ and ‘wise.’ Is it?

Kirsty Wigglesworth AP In this Jan. 31, 2010 file photo, an unmanned U.S. Predator drone flies over Kandahar Air Field, … Continued

The ‘seamless garment’ on the campaign trail: Does the death penalty violate pro-life values?

Catholicism includes opposition to the death penalty as part of its pro-life agenda. The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin called it … Continued

Land of the free, home of the mosque near Ground Zero

A mosque near ground zero? The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque … Continued

A just war has nothing to do with its holiness, or otherwise

Q: Is there such a thing as a ‘just war’? In his Nobel speech, was President Obama right to speak … Continued

Judah Maccabee’s Nobel Peace speech

By Stuart WeinblattRabbi, Congregation B’nai Tzedek Ladies and Gentlemen of the Nobel Prize Committee, I would like to thank you … Continued

Arrogance Got us There, Keeps us There

There is now no absolute moral position. It was clear, in my view, that we should not have gone into … Continued

Don’t Try to ‘Perfume’ War With Religious Claims

If there were such a thing as a just war, the second Iraq adventure would certainly not qualify. This was … Continued

Iraq: An Unnecessary and Unjust War

There is more than a little discussion these days over whether a just war is possible, given the developments in … Continued

War Continues Because Humans Do Not Make Peace With God

Before getting to the question of “just war,” which theologians and politicians have been arguing for centuries, what about the … Continued