Sexual Abuse Crisis

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After years of decline, Catholics see rise in number of future priests

WASHINGTON — After decades of glum trends — fewer priests, fewer parishes — the Catholic Church in the United States … Continued

Pope Francis: The end of ‘fortress Catholicism’?

Pope Francis reached out to gays, saying he won’t judge priests for their sexual orientation in a news conference Monday. … Continued

Pope Francis is lots of hope, very little change

In this photo provided by the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, left, is welcomed by Pope Francis … Continued

Cardinals hold first meeting but don’t set date for conclave

VATICAN CITY — Roman Catholic cardinals on Monday (March 4) met for the first of a series of closed-door meetings … Continued

The church young Catholics want

MAX ROSSI REUTERS Pope Benedict XVI walks past a figurine of baby Jesus as he leads the Christmas Mass in … Continued

Who’s in the running? 12 names to watch to become the next pope

Pope Benedict XVI’s sudden announcement that he would resign by the end of the month took the church and the … Continued

Catholic bishop tries to explain how a priest ended up in’self-bondage’

After all three Masses on the weekend of Jan. 19-20, parishioners of St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Springfield, Ill., were … Continued

Boston cardinal reshuffles parishes to meet priest shortage

Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley on Thursday (Nov. 15) launched an ambitious, five-year plan to consolidate local parish leadership and reinvigorate … Continued

A new phase of child protection: What to do with laity and clergy who abuse?

The steps taken in the last 30 years to prevent the devastating trauma of child sexual abuse are making a … Continued

What’s next for Robert Finn, the first Catholic bishop convicted in sex abuse cover-up

Catholic Bishop Robert W. Finn was found guilty Thursday (Sept. 6) of failing to tell police about a priest suspected … Continued

Is Benedict becoming a papal enforcer?

WASHINGTON — As Pope Benedict XVI marked his seventh anniversary as pope on Thursday (April 19), many Catholics were wondering … Continued

Pope Benedict XVI denounces cultural shift toward gay marriage in U.S.

VATICAN CITY(RNS) Pope Benedict XVI on Friday (March 9) denounced the “powerful political and cultural currents” that are working to … Continued

Bishops face internal challenges in contraception battle

In the weeks since President Obama proposed a compromise on his plan to mandate free contraception coverage, the nation’s Catholic … Continued

The pope as pastor

By Sister Mary Ann Walsh Reports on Pope Benedict’s September 16-19 visit to England and Scotland where he is expected … Continued

Only the Saints Can Save Us

By J. Peter Nixonauthor and contributor to Does the Catholic Church have a future? Given the events of the … Continued

The priesthood’s dark valley

Last Friday, at the liturgy marking the end of “The Year of the Priest,” Pope Benedict XVI once again addressed … Continued

Vatican questions nuclear deterrence

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. Not only is the use of nuclear weapons immoral, the conditions that … Continued

Papal fallibility

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. Thirteen years after the Hartford Courant ran an expose of sexual abuses … Continued

What matters in clerical abuse

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. The media is being attacked by the defenders of Pope Benedict who … Continued

A time for prophetic leadership and accountability

Q:Should Pope Benedict XVI be held responsible for the escalating scandals over clerical sexual abuse in Europe? Should he be … Continued