Sexual Identity

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Ex-gay group Exodus International shuts down, president apologizes

Exodus International, a group that bills itself as “the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with faith and homosexuality,” announced … Continued

The case of transgender Catholic school teacher Mark Krolikowski: Keeping the faith while gender notions evolve

Mark Krolikowski wore his hair at shoulder length, his nails long and well manicured, and his ears pierced. His appearance, … Continued

2013: The year without fear?

Jason DeCrow AP Members of the Sikh community hold a candlelight vigil outside Newtown High School before an interfaith vigil … Continued

Ryan Andresen: Gay scout, good scout?

REUTERS Ryan Andresen is pictured in this undated handout photo received by Reuters October 5, 2012. The mother of Andresen, … Continued

Jennifer Knapp, an unlikely gay Christian icon

ATLANTA — After walking away from stardom as a Christian singer-songwriter in 2002, Jennifer Knapp never expected to return to … Continued

Evangelicals say it’s time for frank talk about sex

The statistics, some evangelicals say, can no longer be ignored. Eighty percent of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex, … Continued

When religion and spirituality collide

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the leader of the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican Communion, recently announced that … Continued

The real policy is “Don’t Talk About It”

Despite public and military support for overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the legislation which bans openly gay service members, political, … Continued

Homosexuality in Islam: an identity in flux

Un-identifying” Homosexuality: A Look at Homosexuality through the Eastern Lens By: Shazia Kamal, Contributor to When news of Saudi … Continued

Scriptures on homosexuality must be read in context

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

Why Don’t Ask Don’t Tell must stay

By Daniel Heimbach I was the principle author of a resolution passed by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) this summer … Continued

Religious freedom to exclude

JUST LAW AND RELIGION Michael Kessler The Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited opinion in Christian Legal Society Chapter of … Continued

A new sexual ethic

By Rev. Debra W. Haffnerexecutive director, Religious Institute On Faith recently posed a provocative question to its panelists: “Can religion … Continued

The new identity politics of religion

As an undergraduate in the early 1990s, the heyday of identity politics, I was a full-throated participant in the protests … Continued

Hate crimes legislation is a well-intentioned mistake

Adding provisions to include Gays and Lesbians among the groups protected by special hate crimes legislation, as has now been … Continued

Crime is Crime is Crime. Not.

Q: Congress is expected to expand federal hate crimes laws to add “sexual orientation” to a list that already includes … Continued

Fashion and Compassion

“Who is clothed in charity on the day of judgment.” –High Holiday Prayerbook Many of us will spend the next … Continued

Good News for Gay Christians

By Joel P. Engardiowriter, documentary filmmaker There’s an online group of 13,000 gays who profess their belief in Christ. The … Continued

Religious Exemptions for Same-Sex Unions

JUST LAW AND RELIGION By Michael Kessler Miss California heroically pushes back a cultural Armageddon. I thought that would be … Continued

Some Religion Empowers Women

The theme of The Women’s Conference 2008 this week is We Empower. Does religion empower women? 1…..All Olympians who do … Continued