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The zombie preppers among us

For many, the zombie apocalypse has become just another daily concern.

Jesus at Occupy Wall Street: ‘I feel like I’ve been here before’

“What would Jesus think of Occupy Wall Street?” I asked myself this week as I wandered the makeshift, blue-tarp village … Continued

Occupy Wall Street #OWS: the American Dream 2.0

FREDERIC J. BROWN AFP/GETTY IMAGES Protesters shout slogans while holding banners in Los Angeles. So much of what is broken … Continued

Let’s debate the Gospel

Former Arkansas governor and 2012 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee found himself in hot water this week after he called Islam … Continued

Fighting anti-union conspiracy

The Wisconsin governor’s proposal to repair the state budget has acquired the characteristics of a conspiracy. Catholic teaching (Caritas in … Continued

Surprise, right-wing atheists do exist

The world, it seems, is waking up to the existence of politically right-wing atheists, who prove that you don’t have … Continued

Politics, Religion and Culture: Top Picks 2010

By Greg Garrett Baylor University Professor and Patheos Columnist The media-world is the shelter where the vast majority of those … Continued

The next most important election ever

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with spiritual consequences. The … Continued

Sexual passion is a spiritual energy

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

God’s overflowing love and the heterosexual obligation

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

Political lessons from a Buddhist monk

By Katherine Marshall Washingtonians will remember this ferocious August for its unusual and disconcerting heat – a merciless string of … Continued

Americans must transcend ignorance on mosque near Ground Zero

By Mark R. Cohen The proposed Ground Zero mosque in New York (like a similar mosque opened recently in Roxbury, … Continued

The wisdom of getting out of Afghanistan

Q: In the wake of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal as chief commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, … Continued

Meaning in a homeless man’s death

By Jeremy BurtonSenior Vice President of Philanthropic Initiatives Jewish Funds for Justice This week, Jews around the world will celebrate … Continued

The gospel truth behind Beck’s inartful words

(Originally published on my blog) Fox News broadcaster Glenn Beck is famous for launching verbal grenades, and he did so … Continued

Heaven is overrated

Q:What is your vision of heaven? What images – from Scripture, tradition, culture or your personal experience – best describe … Continued

John Brown’s disobedience

JUST LAW AND RELIGION Michael Kessler 150 years ago–in October 1859–John Brown led a raid on a U.S. armory in … Continued

Defend the Innocent

Some New York-area rabbis are planning to bring weapons to High Holy Day services this month to guard against terrorist … Continued

Biblically Sanctioned Oppression Not God’s Will

Former president Jimmy Carter and other world leaders issued this statement: “The justification of discrimination against women and girls on … Continued

Traditional Marriage Is Society’s Best Bet

New Hampshire became the sixth state to let gay couples wed. The new law was approved after revisions exempted members … Continued