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From Boston to Aurora to Sandy Hook, a problem that has a name: sin

People embrace during the candlelight service at Boston’s Arlington Street Church honoring those killed and injured in the Boston Marathon … Continued

The role of the Holy Spirit at the papal conclave

Before the cardinals entered the conclave to select the next pope, they first celebrated a special Mass. Then they chanted the … Continued

New Mormon website features softer, gentler tone on gays

SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn’t changing its tune about homosexuality, but it … Continued

What lies ahead for the Mormons?

Linda Davidson THE WASHINGTON POST The Mormon LDS Temple and State Capitol are reflected in a business window in Salt … Continued

Mitt Romney, Mormon: This I know

View Photos: “I know that Mormonism can foster thoughtful deliberation and humanity; are these also features of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism?” asks … Continued

Jeremiah Wright’s resurrection

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images As Jeremiah Wright is once again thrust into the political spotlight, we must ask ourselves if … Continued

In an apparent bid to add an erudite contribution to our public discourse, Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student … Continued

A Thanksgiving week discussion of faith with the GOP presidential field

Chris Carlson AP Rick Santorum, left, Ron Paul. center. and Herman Cain before a Republican presidential debate Tuesday, Oct. 18, … Continued

Jesus at Occupy Wall Street: ‘I feel like I’ve been here before’

“What would Jesus think of Occupy Wall Street?” I asked myself this week as I wandered the makeshift, blue-tarp village … Continued

What Michele Bachmann could learn from JFK

Michele Bachmann and John F. Kennedy have something in common. Both have come under intense scrutiny for their faith. Bachmann … Continued

Christians politicians echoing political Islam

Former Arkansas governor and 2012 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee found himself in hot water this week after he called Islam … Continued

John Paul II and the suffering body

On Jan. 14, Benedict XVI approved a miracle attributed to his predecessor, John Paul II. John Paul will now have … Continued

Bias against religious differences

The very fact that Brit Hume felt free to evangelize Tiger Woods on Fox News Sunday shows that media bias … Continued

Minaret ban unreasonable, understandable

I figure I may as well anger both sides up front, since my response to the just approved measure banning … Continued

Real Humility, Beyond the Sound Bites

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

The Wages of Pandering

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

Democrats at Liberty

By Jerry Falwell Jr.Chancellor and President of Liberty University A number of media sources recently reported that Liberty University banned … Continued

Obama, Warren and America

Here is what’s bothering me about Pastor Rick Warren doing the invocation for President-elect Obama’s inauguration. It reeks of hypocrisy. … Continued

Top Faith & Values Stories of 2008 (Vol. 1)

As promised, here are some of the most important Faith and Values stories of the 2008 election (compare them, if … Continued

A Nation Born Again in Grant Park

Bunker Hill, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Grant Parkl; these venues speak of an American idea willing to meet the present challenges … Continued