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Gay marriage in the ‘Land of Lincoln’: Faith, freedom and frustration

 This week in Springfield, Illinois, the statue of Abraham Lincoln was draped in a rainbow flag as thousands held a … Continued

Minn. church whistleblower says she has no regrets about speaking out, but ‘didn’t do enough’

ST. PAUL, Minn. — After she made her First Communion as a little girl, Jennifer Haselberger was distraught to learn … Continued

Woman sues InterVarsity over firing after her divorce

RNS () — A Michigan woman has filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit against InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, saying she was fired because … Continued

Transgender theology professor asked to leave Christian college

RNS () — A California Christian university has asked a professor who was once its chair of theology and philosophy … Continued

Path of centering prayer: Deepening your experience of God

David Frenette , author of “ The Path of Centering Prayer: Deepening Your Experience of God ” and spiritual director … Continued

Author: ‘Problem of sexual abuse crosses all social groups, all religions’

Washington-based writer Gayle Trotter spoke with Dawn Eden about her new book, “My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds … Continued

What sisters mean to me

Photo via James Martin Father James Martin, SJ, and Sister Mary Johnson, SND, speakers at the Diocese of Springfield’s Catholic … Continued

Are happy churchgoers good news?

By Adam S. McHughPresbyterian Minster and Patheos Expert A new sociological study reveals that churchgoers are happy, but I can’t … Continued

A people adrift?

By Tim MuldoonBoston College, and Patheos Expert Peter Steinfels’ very perceptive article in Commonweal focuses on the most recent Pew … Continued

Introverts in evangelical America

By Adam S. McHugh The scowling old man nearly bumped into me as he fled the sanctuary. As I turned … Continued

“Frightened” tea party comes to Chicago

The tea party movement held a rally in Daley Plaza today at noon. A core group of about 300-400 mostly … Continued

Pluralism isn’t a modern invention

By Mark Vernonauthor, researcher We live in a plural world. It’s a place in which every day you rub up … Continued

Where is God now?

By Alexander J. Shaiaauthor, educator, spiritual director With each disaster (Haiti, Katrina, Thailand) we hear responses that run the gamut … Continued

The Desire for God and One Another

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

Is She Catholic? Does It Matter?

God in Government blogger Jacqueline L. Salmon notes that the blogosophere is buzzing with speculation about Supreme Court nominee Sonia … Continued

Confessions of a Cradle Catholic

My generation was raised on Cocoa Puffs cereal and Nickelodeon cartoons, but all that saccharine dissolved for me one day … Continued

Why I Am Not a Nun

With next week’s sober Easter Tridduum just around the corner, I paid a final Lenten visit to my spiritual director. … Continued

Love at First Insight

What does a young grad student with curled eyelashes and high heels have in common with a denim-jumper wearing, monastery-dwelling nun? More than meets the eye

Know Your Mind, Body and Spirit

I’m not an expert on this. But a lot depends on the motivation and inner spirituality of what’s going on. … Continued