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Is a 3000 year-old Israelite epic still applicable today?

Old Testament heroes come to life in this epic video game

A Video Game Epic Adapted from Bible Stories

The greatest story ever told has been adapted into a video game epic!

FIVE: Guardians of David

FIVE: Guardians of David is the most immersive bible game ever made.

Your kids will beg to learn the story of David, from shepherd boy to king!

Games for the Family

A review of Five: Guardians of David

5 Old Testament Heroes Reborn in Video Game

King David’s story and struggle like never before

Video Games Can Serve Our Faith

Video games add a new dimension to exploring faith

Evolving Biblical Education through Gaming

Exploring spiritual and moral truths through video games

Courageous & Heroic Leadership

Discover the story and struggle of one of history’s most amazing leaders

A True Hero: From Shepherd Boy to King

The first full-featured, full-length video game for PC or Mac based directly on the Bible.