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Will U.S. action in Syria hasten the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East?

SANA/Via EPA — A undated handout picture shows a church in the Maaloula village, northeast of Damascus, Syria. Fighters from … Continued

Pope Francis: Wasting food is like stealing from the poor

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Wednesday (June 5) denounced consumerism and what he called the “culture of waste” of … Continued

COMMENTARY: Mindless metrics

The go-to number in American religion is “ASA” average Sunday attendance. Or as an irreverent colleague put it, “Fannies in … Continued

Rabbis aim to inject more morality into business

Banks make loans they know homebuyers can’t pay back. Conglomerates market unhealthy food to children. Wall Street tycoons bet against … Continued

Vatican bank touts transparency amid scandals

VATICAN CITY — As European financial regulators meet in Strasbourg, France, the Vatican is bracing for a decision that could … Continued

Faith and the future of Europe

YVES HERMAN REUTERS European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn addresses a news conference on the interim economic … Continued

Downgrading America: Who’s to blame?

A broker covers his face behind his screen at the stock market in Frankfurt, Germany, Monday, Aug.8, 2011, where the … Continued

The veteran

By Karen Spears ZachariasAuthor and Blogger, Butterbean sits at The Veteran’s bedside. She’s a junkyard dog. The Veteran pulled … Continued

Catholic Charities: burning down bureaucracy?

The fire department that parked their engines alongside a burning house in Tennessee should teach us a lesson. A town … Continued

Pluralism isn’t a modern invention

By Mark Vernonauthor, researcher We live in a plural world. It’s a place in which every day you rub up … Continued

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

This Catholic’s View By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. In his encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI writes that economics … Continued

Only one season for giving?

By Wess Staffordpresident and CEO, Compassion International The last two months of the year have traditionally been known as “the … Continued

Notre Dame Alumni Tally Withheld Donations

By Jacqueline L. Salmon A group of University of Notre Dame alumni angry about President Obama’s commencement speech at the … Continued

Politicizing Faith and Life

It’s peculiar that President Obama sees himself as a “person of faith” when it comes to lifting restrictions on embryonic … Continued

Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers?

We hear angry barking: let the dumb and rapacious fools who got in over their heads financially sink all the … Continued

My Brother’s Keeper? What About Us?

In the politicizing that is going on about the economy, I keep asking myself, “What about us?” Those of us … Continued

Religious Leaders Should Aspire to Inspire

The uproar over President-elect Obama’s controversial selections of religious leaders for his inaugural events is just one of the problems … Continued

Wright Now?

Dick Morris, recalling Thomas Dewey’s unpredicted 1948 loss, has recently suggested three ways that John McCain could Trumanize the front-running … Continued

The War of the Gods

On March 4, 1933 (I was one month old), President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his first inaugural address and uttered … Continued

The Osteens as Spiritual Midgets

In her new book, “Love Your Life,” Victoria Osteen tells the following story. When she and her husband, Joel, were … Continued