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Anti-Islam film stirs outrage as violence spreads

On Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned an anti-Islam film, calling it “disgusting and reprehensible.” Clinton and other … Continued

Religion as pretext or cause in attacks in Cairo, Egypt and Libya

REUTERS The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames during a protest by an armed group said to have … Continued

This week, religion poses perplexing questions in the public square

In this week’s episode of The God Vote, Sally Quinn and Jacques Berlinerblau discuss the global implications of Florida Pastor … Continued

Condemn Terry Jones for what?

What are we supposed to condemn Terry Jones for? And, while we are at it, who is the “we”? Until … Continued

Is Terry Jones the real problem?

The problem is not Terry Jones. In countries with real freedom, there will be plenty of provocateurs. It is the … Continued

Resisting Blasphemies

Christians should denounce the burning of the Qur’an because it blasphemes the name of Jesus.

Update: White House Sharia showdown cancelled

By Michelle Boorstein The angry shout-fest that was expected to happen at 1 p.m. in front of the White House … Continued

Fringes heading to the White House for sharia showdown

By Michelle Boorstein (Credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images) It took me nearly five months to recover from standing in the … Continued

Gainesville, Part II? Burn-the-Koran pastor now planning a “trial” for the book

By Michelle Boorstein Did you really think Florida Pastor Terry Jones was just going to vanish from your life? Six … Continued

Half of the world cannot go to war

2011 began with some bleak news for Muslim-Christian relations around the world.Recent attacks against churches in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt … Continued

Religious newsmakers disappointing

As voted by the Religion Newswriters Association’s members, among the year’s most consequential religion newsmakers were Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, … Continued

Exposing the infrastructure of anti-Muslim hate

By Frankie Martin The dismissal of Juan Williams’ from NPR once again exposes the difficulty America is having discussing Islam … Continued

A Muslim response to Juan Williams

We need to see Juan Williams’ remarks in the context of the heated political environment within which Muslims live today. … Continued

Westboro Baptist Church: the right to be offensive?

By Elizabeth Tenety The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in the case of Snyder v. Phelphs: Albert Snyder, a grieving … Continued

Faith-based fear in debates about Islam

By Becky Garrison Close to nine years after the attacks on September 11th, a gaping hole in Lower Manhattan where … Continued

Terry Jones, behind the scenes

By Michelle Boorstein Gainesville pastor Terry Jones may have vanished from your TV set, but behind the scenes discussions are … Continued

Keeping the real threat in view

JUST LAW AND RELIGION Michael Kessler So Terry Jones won’t “today, not ever” burn a Quran. I guess the media … Continued

What Obama should have said about Qur’an burning

By Marci A. Hamilton Pastor Terry Jones may or may not burn Korans someday, but President Obama passed up a … Continued

Terry Jones is not the enemy

By David French I’ve been defending free speech and religious liberty for virtually my entire legal career. Nineteen years ago … Continued

The notorious Pastor Terry Jones

So Pastor Terry Jones has decided not to do it. Unless, of course, he does it after all. The burning … Continued