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The Things We Need to Talk About

The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it reminds us of what’s past in order to reveal to us what’s possible.

Let’s Transform Thanksgiving . . . Into Stranger Day

Save the comfortable for Christmas. Take a risk this Thanksgiving. 

Why You Should Force Yourself to Be Thankful

If you can’t think of three things to be thankful for, something is wrong.

Two Words That Will Change Your Life

Gratitude begets humility which begets God’s grace.

Don’t Let Black Friday Cancel Thanksgiving

Love is not a 50-inch HDTV.

You Should Go Ahead and Embrace Black Friday

The nationwide megasale inspires gift giving, kicks off the Christmas spirit, and drives the economy.

7 Reasons Thanksgiving Is Way Better than Christmas

Why we should be grateful for some holiday calm before the Christmas storm.

5 Delicious Jewish Recipes for Thanksgiving

Enhance the traditional Thanksgiving flavors by including these iconic Jewish food tastes.

7 Tips for Atheists at Thanksgiving Dinner

Should atheists come out to their religious family at the Thanksgiving dinner?

How to Use Prayer to Master Your Daily Grind

An outline of my daily prayer routine, from one kindergartener in the school to prayer to another.

Giving Thanks for Non-traditional Families

The fact that families are increasingly diverse and non-traditional is something to be thankful for.

How to Have a Happy Thanksgivukkah

The worlds of the pilgrims and Maccabees collide and find themselves a common message in “Thanksgivukkah.”

Is God Still Welcome at the Thanksgiving Table?

Few today realize the founding principles behind this national holiday were based in Christianity.

Should we rethink Turkey this Thanksgiving?

As Christians who profess to care about how our actions impact others, we should think about where our foods come from.

What Do We Owe Native Americans?

Many Americans might not be thinking beyond a peripheral way about the legacy of some of the most important participants in the Thanksgiving narrative.

Thanksgiving: A Time for Catholics to Work for the Poor

The prophetic voice of the church is needed because most of us don’t think about poor people because we don’t see them.

War On Thanksgiving?

There are lots of reasons for the season, some good and some bad.

Thank Goodness Not God on Thanksgiving

What it means to feel thankful without acknowledging a higher authority.