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Powell Rejects Islamophobia

On NBC’s Meet the Press this weekend, former Secretary of State Colin Powell formally endorsed Barack Obama in this year’s … Continued

Finally, A Thoughtful Conversation with Candidates

Three things struck me about the Saddleback Civil Forum before even considering the responses of the two candidates. First, Rick … Continued

Why I Took Holy Communion

I took Holy Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral mass. I am not a Catholic. I wrote about it for “On … Continued

The Problem with Rituals

There are some things about organized religion that send me over the top. And one of those things is use … Continued

The Search for Christian Hospitality

For 24 years I was a pastor in a local church in the Washington, D.C. area. I felt my primary … Continued

Sally Quinn’s Communion: Good Intentions, Poor Judgment

Sally Quinn’s decision to take Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral represented both the best of pluralism and interfaith outreach and … Continued

Communion for Non-Catholics and Kabbalah for Non-Jews….With Integrity

I love the fact that Sally Quinn chose to break with her regular practice, and take communion at Tim Russert’s … Continued

Generosity is the First Rule

I have shared Muslim prayers at a mosque, eaten at so many Jewish Seders I have now acquired my own … Continued

Rituals and the Modern Search for Meaning

We are living in a moment of profound transition in the way many Americans understand and use religious ritual and … Continued

Roman Catholicism: Sally Was Right, But….

Sally Quinn has set herself up as a sure target, a conscious challenge, and a possible model. For all three, … Continued

What would Tim Russert do?

Tim Russert was a premier journalist and a good man. After his memorial service I stood outside the Kennedy Center … Continued

Sally Quinn: Mouse in the Tabernacle

At the funeral Mass last month for her Washington friend, the newscaster Tim Russert, Sally Quinn took Holy Communion. But … Continued

Dobson Hears Obama’s Footsteps

Pundits were left scratching their heads as to what exactly James Dobson was aiming for in his excoriation of Barack … Continued

Hinduism and Christianity Wrongly Reduced to “Love”

“[Some] Hindu groups have protested that ‘The Love Guru,’ the latest Mike Myers movie, exposes their faith to ridicule. Where … Continued

Tim Russert, Man of Faith

Life was the race that was most important to Tim Russert and he won it by a landslide.

Time to Renounce the Renouncing

The Question: John McCain’s spiritual guide, televangelist Rod Parsley, calls Islam a “false religion” that should be “destroyed.” Should McCain … Continued

Campaign Lowlights

In a nation founded on the principles of freedom of belief, separation of religion and government, and no religious test … Continued

Nodding to Nonbelievers

Over the past few weeks I have been tracking an intriguing trend: assorted presidential candidates are acknowledging that nonbelievers might … Continued

Fourth Day: Good News

Enter Good News.

Divine Impulses — A Video Interview Series

Welcome to Divine Impulses, a regular video interview series with Sally Quinn, co-moderator of On Faith. Go here to find … Continued