Violent Religion

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Catholic dormancy

In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have … Continued

Jews and Muslims: How do we ‘bring the temperature down’?

By Frankie Martin This year has not been an easy one for Jewish-Muslim relations. The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is in … Continued

Peace, love and the yoga wars

By Marcus J Freed Yoga has traditionally been associated with peace and love, until now. There have been a series … Continued

Silent clergy no new thing

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann said that anti-Muslim rhetoric in America is bad news … Continued

Why I support the mosque in Manhattan

Today’s guest blogger is Brian McLaren, who began his career as a college English teacher, and then served for twenty-four … Continued

America already is an Islamic society

By John Kiser Yes, we need the Cordoba House complex to set an example for the rest of America and … Continued

Land of the free, home of the mosque near Ground Zero

A mosque near ground zero? The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque … Continued

The evangelization of National Day of Prayer

Q: Did the Pentagon do the right thing by disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event … Continued

Pentagon makes the right call on Franklin Graham

Q: Did the Pentagon do the right thing by disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event … Continued

Secular roots of religious violence

By Philip Jenkinsauthor When Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams meets with clergy furious over his church’s sexual liberalism, he might expect … Continued

Exploring the future of Islam

My new book, “The Future of Islam,” seeks to understand the struggle for reform in Islam, sometimes described as a … Continued

Islamophobia: Is there nothing to fear but fear itself?

What’s your reaction to Sunday’s decision by voters in Switzerland to ban construction of minarets, the slender towers from which … Continued

Obama’s Challenge to the Muslim World

The historic significance of President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo cannot be overstated. Never before has an … Continued

Films that Divide, Films that Unite

Walter Lippman once said, “The way in which the world is imagined will determine at any given moment what men … Continued

They Spoke; We Listened and Learned

Several months ago “On Faith “(jointly published by the Washington Post and Newsweek) held a symposium at Georgetown University on … Continued

Legitimate and Illegitimate Acts of Violence

Why is Islam such a violent religion? Does the Qur’an condone acts of terrorism? Why haven’t Muslims denounced the 9/11 … Continued

The Challenge of Pluralism

I think that there are some violent people who profess the Muslim faith, but that does not mean that Islam … Continued

Terrorists Ignore Principles of Islam

Before I answer this week’s question, let me be very clear: This question is exceptionally offensive and borders on religious … Continued

Destructive Questions Invite Destructive Answers

This question seems designed to elicit hostility under the cover of religion. Anyone who would answer that question with a … Continued

All Religions Violent and Non-Violent

Yes, Islam is a violent religion. So are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the rest. Islam is also a … Continued