Virginia Tech

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The invisible secular humanists: A response to Joe Klein

In the wake of the April 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech, Dinesh D’Souza wrote an opinion piece asking why atheists … Continued

Beyond faith in guns

Scott Olson GETTY IMAGES Students learn how to grip a pistol during an NRA Basic Pistol Course at Freddie Bear … Continued

Lacking faith in government

you’re not supposed to know about. A handful of influencers convened in a secluded location to meet privately with a … Continued

Having faith in Haiti

By Uma Viswanathan Today, on the first anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, I am reminded of a popular Haitian spiritual: … Continued

Arizona shootings: Why did God allow it?

By Julia DuinA woman takes part in a prayer vigil in response to Saturday’s shooting of U.S Representative Gabrielle Giffords … Continued

Examining us examining Hasan

I said two prayers when I saw the initial reports: the first for the dead and suffering, the second about … Continued

Shootings will promote more bigotry

I was saddened by news that some Muslim mosques have been threatened in the aftermath of yesterday’s shooting at Fort … Continued

Random violence, shared responsibility

The tragedy at Fort Hood yesterday was heart-wrenching and horrific; but it was mind-numbingly familiar. Another spasm of violence at … Continued

Beheading and Religious Profiling

American Muslim leaders have been quick to condemn the beheading of a woman by her Muslim husband in Buffalo, saying … Continued

Looking at Norris

There is so much to say, I imagine. Today is about remembrance, recognition, and community. It is about pain and … Continued

From Virginia Tech, with Love, Sorrow, Despair

I got the news on my phone, an e-mail with a link from a friend. Reading the URL, I scanned … Continued

America the Romantic

Standing in line at the Mugamma, Egypt’s towering, Soviet-era, unholy office behemoth of bureaucratic nightmares, while my girlfriend was attempting … Continued

How Hard Did #21 Hit You?

I will always be ready to stick up for Sean Taylor. When he was in trouble for waving a gun … Continued

Virginia Tech’s Ordinary Inspiration

So I caught wind today that has put forward a list of 10 people for recognition as the Most … Continued

A Theory of Everything, Dude

In Stephen Hawking’s 1998 opinion, “there’s a 50-50 chance that someone will discover the Holy Grail of physics within the … Continued

A Hunger for Tomorrow

Talking and working with community leaders, students and officials at Virginia Tech for the last several weeks reminded me of … Continued

A Love that Continues

I spent the better part of last week in Blacksburg, Virginia on the campus of Virginia Tech University. The atmosphere … Continued

Start with a Prayer

Imam Yahya Hendi of Georgetown began the symposium with a moment of silence and prayer, in memory of the victims … Continued

“Comfort, Comfort My People”

It is hard to imagine anything worse than the death of one’s child. Our hearts weep with the parents and … Continued

Senseless Tragedies

Christianity, from the perspective of the Episcopal Church, recognizes that acts of depravity, like the Virginia Tech shootings, are part … Continued