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7 Stages of White Identity

How I evolved from being ignorant of my white identity to using it to extend the kingdom of God.

Privilege Is Not What You Think

Privilege is not what you think, but the opposite: it’s what you don’t have to think about.

White Christians, It’s Time We Repent for Our Racism

We can’t focus so much on the racism out there, as if we remain innocent.

Sometimes Black Sons Have White Mothers

Five things I wish people understood about white parents of black children.

Red, White and Blue: The Colors of an Unaccompanied Child’s Journey to America

A story of the children behind the headlines of America’s immigration crisis.

When it Comes to Hateful Internet Speech, Christians Are the Worst

Thanks to horrible Christian comments online, I realized there’s a big difference between being Christian and following Jesus.

It’s Wrong to Worship a ‘White Jesus’

To claim that Jesus was white, is historically and theologically wrong.