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Obama’s Challenge

This past Monday, two Muslim women wearing headscarves were barred from standing behind Barack Obama at a speech in Michigan. … Continued

A Palestinian Journey, An American Story

Not long after the State Department revoked the Fulbright scholarships it had awarded to seven Palestinian students because they were … Continued

“Getting It” On Religion

The blitz of publicity around the launch of the new Tony Blair Faith Foundation hammered home one core theme: Religion … Continued

The Real Jerry Falwell

When my son Jonathan suggested that I write a book about my life with Jerry, it sounded impossible to me. … Continued

Retreat, Hillary

What does Hillary want? Who is the real Hillary Clinton? What should she do now? What will she do? I … Continued

Should a President be Religious or Spiritual?

In one sense, I think spirituality is more desirable in a president than religion alone, although I hasten to add … Continued

McClellan: The Bubble Made Me Do It

Scott McClellan has made the news circuit in recent days because of his shocking reflections on his tenure as the … Continued

McCain’s Failed Spiritual Endorsements

Why? Why, I ask, did John McCain disarticulate his presidential campaign from Pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley last week? … Continued

Campaigns and God’s Plan(s)

Funny how each of the leading presidential candidates for both the Republican and Democratic parties have had their affiliation with … Continued

Marriage Is More Sacred Than Equality

On PBS, with Vermont lawyers, I argued that “gay marriage” is an oxymoron expanding/diluting/polluting the word “marriage,” and that Vermont … Continued

Obama Passing “No Religion” Test

Watching the Oregon returns on CNN last Tuesday night, I was intrigued by an odd statistic: among those who described … Continued

Hagee and the “Whore of Babylon”

Editor’s Note: Correction: Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has not declared himself a supporter of any presidential candidate, … Continued

When Presidents Deceive

One might think that everything a president needs to know about honesty was learned in Sunday school. Yet, as in … Continued

Politicians and the Cycle of Lying

Half-truths are the bread and butter of politics. This must be so where compromise is the only way to move … Continued

Presidents Should Not Be Liars

I do not think the President of the United States should be a liar, and believe that the overwhelming majority … Continued

When I was a sixteen year old Southern Baptist with my sights set on the White House (I grew up … Continued

Hillary’s Two-Way Street

“I think you have to speak out against that,” said Hillary Clinton. “You certainly have to do that, if not … Continued

Obama at the Compassion Forum

Imagine being a Muslim kid in Pakistan or Indonesia. Every time you hear an American politician talking about Islam, it … Continued

Benedict Not a Single-Issue Pope

The arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in the middle of a presidential election is raising hopes among Republicans, fears among … Continued

King, Moses and Midrash

Death and Resurrection? Christian theology, of course, centers on that rhythm. Traditional Jewish prayer books also praise the God Who … Continued