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The Pastor as Prophet

When Barack Obama addressed the nation in his Philadelphia speech there was, as with a good sermon, enough in it … Continued

Our Pastor’s Keeper

Much has been made in the past week about the words of the Rev. Jeremiah A.Wright, Jr., Barack Obama’s former … Continued

Food, Faith and Frustration

You can’t miss rising food prices if you do the grocery shopping or listen to the radio these days. They … Continued

Dear China: I’m Turned Off, Tuned Out

The situation between Tibet and China is getting worse. In Lhasa, the traditional capital of Tibet, authorities arrested 24 suspects … Continued

Base Public Policy on Shared Values, Not Religion

When Senator Obama delivered that speech in 2006, I said on State of Belief, The Interfaith Alliance Foundation’s radio program, … Continued

Politicians Can’t Serve Two Masters

I see precious little evidence that any of the candidate’s declarations of faith – all of them claim to be … Continued

Bush’s Faith-Based Fade

President Bush gave his final State of the Union address last night. He asked for $300 million for scholarships for … Continued

Is the Constitution “under God”?

Visible from any angle within my father’s courtroom, and situated between the judge’s bench and the witness stand, was a … Continued

Gandhi’s Words an Insult to all Decent People

Mr. Donald Graham, Chairman, Washington Post Washington, DC waterst@washpost.com . Dear Mr. Graham, We met at your office four years … Continued

Life as a Minority Isn’t What it Used to Be

While I can’t presume to predict what directions the Jewish community will take in the future, it does strike me … Continued

Hillary’s Religious Appeal

This week all anyone can think about is the New Hampshire primary. I remember long ago, like two weeks, when … Continued

The Almighty and the Mighty

1…..“INTEGRITY” is the answer I got from everyone I asked, “What is the most important quality we need in our … Continued

Top Ten Faith and Values Developments of 2007

I suppose this top-ten list should be prefaced with a disclaimer — something to the effect that I loathe top-ten … Continued

We Need a Lot of Christmas

What ever happened to Christmas? I mean once Halloween is over it seems as if every merchant, every shopping mall, … Continued

A Faith of Hope

On Sunday, in Christian churches around the country, many of us lit the first candle in the advent wreath, that … Continued

Three Major Blunders in an Otherwise Inspiring Speech

One can list about 20 basic dos and don’ts regarding the appropriate use of religion in our elections. Governor Romney … Continued

The White House and My House of Worship

What does the White House have to do with the church, synagogue, temple, or mosque? Mitt Romney, is wrestling with … Continued

Doubt Not What a Powerful Tool for Global Justice is Religion

How can anyone doubt the positive impact that the religious community has in addressing these issues? Let me deal with … Continued

Romney’s Bit Will Bite Back

Romney deserves credit for understanding the superficiality of the public and targeting that majority in his speech. As political theater, … Continued

The GOP’s French Revolution

It is my opinion — and I’ll concede that I am probably not inner-tube floating in the American mainstream here … Continued