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Under God bloggers

Michelle Boorstein has been covering religion for The Post since January 2006. She has written about everything from a cult-like … Continued

The Danger of Strict Secularism

The central problem with a rigid secularism is simple: it would remove one of the main sources of social reform … Continued

Rudy Double Dares Christian Right

It is difficult to draw conclusions about the extraordinarily unscientific straw poll conducted at this weekend’s so-called values voters summit. … Continued

Dobson Warns Republicans; Democrats Glimpse Rapture of Their Own

On Thursday’s Op/Ed page of The New York Times Dr. James Dobson relayed the minutes of a meeting of “pro-Family … Continued

Ask What They Believe AND How They Would Apply It

I think it’s fair to inquire about a candidate’s faith, but we should pay careful attention to the answers. I … Continued

McCain is Wrong

It is one thing to consider a candidate’s faith; it is quite another to exclude an entire faith from being … Continued

It’s almost Talmudic!

Politicians have a long history of garbling the message when they get in front of the camera. Like this. Or … Continued

Note to Mitt, Fred and John: 2004 is So Over!

In 2004, George W. Bush won the presidency by assembling a coalition of White Evangelicals (78% of whom cast their … Continued

Who Can Play the Faith and Values Game?

In an interview to be aired next week on HDTV Michael Bloomberg has told Dan Rather that “nobody’s going to … Continued

Compassion and Conscience

Anytime physicians feel a conflict between their conscience and the desires of their patients, they should tell the patient to … Continued

Evangelicals Not Behaving Badly: The Romney Candidacy

I am about to raise my glass, cautiously, soberly, to a few Evangelical Christian leaders. Let me stress that I … Continued

The Religion-Industrial Complex

The 2008 presidential election is probably the first in American history that has spawned a veritable faith and politics industry. … Continued

Pagans Can’t Be Pegged

Above my desk in the Washington Post newsroom, amid other souvenirs of stories I’ve written, is a bumper sticker saying: … Continued

Blue State Methodist, Red State Methodist

By CARL BERNSTEIN Before making a final decision in 1999 to undertake a biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton, I called … Continued

The Ill Truth About Falwell

Predictably, obituary writers are already portraying the Reverend Jerry Falwell as a more respectable figure than he was. Ah, what … Continued

Pope’s Message Mixed, Missed

Pope Benedict XVI may have been flying to Brazil and speaking about Mexico City, but his in-flight words to reporters … Continued

Public Service and Private Beliefs

America has not yet escaped all of its prejudices against Mormonism expressed so openly in the 19th century. Most of … Continued

Earth Day: A Biblical Mandate

I will celebrate “Earth Day” and encourage Christians of all denominations and traditions to do so. Why? We believe that … Continued

Anti-Catholicism: A Phony Issue

The idea that anti-Catholicism is a significant force in American life today is a complete canard, perpetrated by theologically and … Continued

Still Striving Toward the Founders’ Dream

Discrimination against Catholics in this nation continues as does discrimination against Jews, Muslims, Christians (including Mormons), Sikhs, humanists, and on … Continued