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What Rev. William Lynn’s conviction means for the Catholic Church

Alex Brandon AP Monsignor William Lynn leaves the Criminal Justice Center, in Philadelphia on March 27, 2012. What, if anything, … Continued

Pope Benedict goes to #OWS

Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges cheers upon his arrival in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican to hold a … Continued

Is a society required to grant its artists the right to offend?

Unorthodoxy Patrick J. Deneen Is a society required to grant its artists the right to offend? In a liberal democracy, … Continued

Ant-covered Jesus irony: Christian theology embraces the suffering

By Patrick Evans Much has been made in recent days of the decision by the Smithsonian to pull the video … Continued

“No pedophilia crisis” says Catholic League

According to Dr. William Donohue of the Catholic League, the Catholic Church does not have a “pedophilia crisis.” His opinion … Continued

Glenn Beck’s anti-Catholic rants

Few people are better at making accusations with code words than Glenn Beck, the Fox News celebrity. With his chalkboard … Continued

Predictions for 2010

Here are ten predictions with a Catholic America twist for 2010. 1. The changes in the liturgy will upset the … Continued

Cheating the gospel and the Church

My first encounter with cheating was in Catholic grade school. Unfortunately, that was not my last encounter. Once “cheating” is … Continued

Christian Right: New declaration, same old agenda

Before reading the latest moral declaration from the Christian Right about their troubled souls and moral priorities, I e-mailed early … Continued

The bishops and Obama paranoia

The Catholic bishops made it into the White House briefing, not once but twice the first weeks of October. Presidential … Continued

Truth in Health-Care Packaging

The health care reform legislation that is emerging from the sausage-making of the Congress is not about abortion. In these … Continued

i-Religion: Spirituality as Playlist

By Clark Strand This spring brought another spate of media outbursts, articles, and national studies announcing that the unaffiliated–those claiming … Continued

Irish Abuse: Asylums and Spirituality

The 2,600-page final report of Ireland’s Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse reported decades of mistreatment described by commentators as … Continued

Is She Catholic? Does It Matter?

God in Government blogger Jacqueline L. Salmon notes that the blogosophere is buzzing with speculation about Supreme Court nominee Sonia … Continued

Catholic Coalition Takes On Gay-Rights Activist and Obama

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Conservative Catholic activists today criticized the Obama administration for including gay activist Harry Knox on the … Continued

Father Cutié’s Indulgences

A few days before he was caught indulging himself with an attractive woman on a South Florida beach, the now-dismissed … Continued

A Catholic Odd Couple: Pelosi and Donohue

Nancy Pelosi, the first Catholic woman to be Speaker of the House and Dr. William Donohue spokesman for the Catholic … Continued

Anti-Catholicism: A Phony Issue

The idea that anti-Catholicism is a significant force in American life today is a complete canard, perpetrated by theologically and … Continued