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Single Mothers in the Pulpit

More than 40 percent of births are to unmarried mothers. But what if the single mom by choice is a minister or a rabbi?

Poll: Catholics agree with Pope Francis that church is ‘obsessed’ with moral issues

RNS () — Pope Francis rocked the Catholic world last month when he gave a wide-ranging interview in which he … Continued

Pope Francis and the church’s new attitude

“Five years ago, I would have been afraid of saying anything like what the pope said in his [recent] interview,” says … Continued

Reformist priest sees potential ally in Pope Francis

WASHINGTON — An Austrian priest who’s been banned from speaking at Roman Catholic churches during his three-week U.S. tour said … Continued

Priests’ reform group charts middle course

Before convening its second annual meeting last month, a fledgling organization of U.S. priests that wants to reform the Catholic … Continued

Buoyed by a new pope, priests gather to urge church reform

The death of liberal Catholicism has been proclaimed so often in recent decades that few even bother to check to … Continued

Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury to meet for the first time

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will meet in Rome on Friday (June 14) for … Continued

Senior cardinal says Francis will bring new life to Vatican II

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has ushered in a new phase in the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, shifting … Continued

Pope Francis says women play a ‘fundamental’ role within the church

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Wednesday (April 3) said women play a “fundamental role” in the Catholic Church as … Continued

Vatican defends Pope Francis’ washing of women’s feet

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Friday (March 29) dismissed criticism of Pope Francis’ decision to wash the feet of … Continued

Church of England rejects women bishops

LONDON — In a surprise move that shocked both sides of a years-long debate, the Church of England on Tuesday … Continued

Roman Catholic women priests?

AFP/GETTY IMAGES Pope Benedict XVI arrives to lead an ordination mass at St Peter’s basilica at the Vatican on April … Continued

Nun leaders believe most sisters don’t want to submit to Vatican oversight

Early reports on this week’s meeting of the country’s largest group of Catholic nuns show the women are in for … Continued

Budde: Saddened by prolonged debate of women bishops in the Church of England

The debate on women bishops is headed to the General Synod of the Church of England, the Guardian reported Friday. … Continued

Archbishop of Canterbury slams Christians who feel ‘disgusted’ about homosexuality

LONDON — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams criticized some Christians for feeling so “embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted” over homosexuality … Continued

U.S. nuns meet with Vatican officials in ‘open dialogue’

VATICAN CITY — Leaders of an umbrella group that represents the majority of U.S. nuns met with top Vatican doctrinal … Continued

Catholics rally around nuns amid Vatican crackdown

CLEVELAND — Catholics around the U.S. are coming together for prayer vigils as a show of support for America’s nuns, … Continued

Pope Benedict XVI says church reform won’t come through open dissent

VATICAN CITY — In a rare public rebuke, Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday (April 5) denounced a call for optional … Continued

Lapsed Catholics explain why they leave church

TRENTON, N.J. — As part of a survey to understand why they have stopped attending Mass, a few hundred Catholics … Continued

Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop of Canterbury to meet

VATICAN CITY — Despite differences over women’s ordination and a controversial Vatican initiative to woo back disgruntled Anglicans, Pope Benedict … Continued