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The Nats need me

(Toni L. Sandys/THE WASHINGTON POST) As the Washington Nationals struggle to claw their way above .500 in winning percentage, fans … Continued

God and the old Brooklyn Dodgers

Morry Gash AP Los Angeles Dodgers’ Rod Barajas scores from second on a hit by Jamey Carroll during the seventh … Continued

Lady Gaga is no Madonna

By Mark Judgeauthor Lady Gaga is no Madonna. That some conservatives are conflating the two performers is yet another sign … Continued

The ‘compromised pacifist’ position on animal rights

Do animals have rights? What about trees? When does life begin? Will the Cubs ever win the World Series? These … Continued

To the Class of 2010

Stanford has always played a unique role in the American imagination. It is a symbol of the American myth of … Continued

Public Schools Are For Education, Period

The New York City Council last week voted to add two Muslim holidays to the city’s public school calendar, citing … Continued

What Would St. Patrick Do?

Why St. Patrick’s Day should be a day of breaking down walls, overcoming divisions, and (yes) partying.

World Series Pitcher Is Religious About His Studies

Philadelphia Phillies fans will never forget the image of Brad Lidge dropping to his knees and raising both arms in … Continued

You Want Facts or Feelings?

When personal convictions and empirical data clash.

Baseball: Bad Sport, Bad Religion, National Security Threat

I greet the spring like characters in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: with relief, weary gratitude and ebullience. As the month of … Continued

City (of Immigrants) on a Hill

Art, at its best, is beauty plus belief burst into the world. And every once in a while I come … Continued

The Gospel According to Red Sox Nation

I can relate to the recent post on Lox et Veritas about how sports is a religion for many people. … Continued

All You Need is Love

I still remember the night I fell in love with the Beatles. It was a summer night in 1970, and … Continued