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Advertising against Muslims? Not with my tax dollars.

That the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or any other entity for that matter, thinks we can defeat terrorism through an … Continued

Boston Marathon’s holy ground and sacred bonds

When it comes to running, America often looks like a country of apostles and apostates. For true believers like Olympian … Continued

Tibetans have’sacred duty’ to support self-immolations

NEW DELHI — As the 18th congress of China’s Communist Party began in Beijing this week, six more Tibetans set … Continued

Living 24/6 in a 24/7 world

The news is overwhelming. Hurricane Sandy has left many underwater and out of power. Iran and North Korea want a … Continued

President Obama: Aurora shootings call for a day of ‘prayers and reflection’

Mandel Ngan AFP/Getty Images Obama supporters bow their heads after President Obama called for a moment of silence for the … Continued

Why we don’t need the bin Laden images

The pictures the White House did release of Bin Laden are far more important than the one they didn’t. We … Continued

Why do we have children?

By Timothy DalrympleColumnist at Patheos.com I hate the memory of it. I hate it. I hate how stiff my daughter’s … Continued

Words can hurt

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah Palin’s … Continued

Abortion and Islamic thought

Q: Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and … Continued

The spirituality of sexuality

Q: Do your religious beliefs exalt or stigmatize sex (or both)? Is religion a useful tool for helping young people … Continued

Faith on Campus: Student video contest

Your Browser DoesNot Support IFrames. Your Browser DoesNot Support IFrames. Since we launched On Faith three years ago this month, … Continued

Murder by Faith? A Tale of Two Worldviews

What should be done when parents rely on religion instead of medicine to heal sick children? I doubt that any … Continued

Prayers to Heal the Nations

Thursday is National Day of Prayer, as mandated by Congress. What should President Obama do? Should he follow tradition and … Continued

2009: Global Heating of Fundamentalisms Old and New

How will religion influence national and world affairs in 2009? 1…..In high winds, trees and people need deep roots in … Continued

Religion has Duped Women

When the Rev. T.D. Jakes preached “Woman, thou art loosed!” years ago, it was like the windows of heaven had … Continued

‘To Do’ List Gets Shorter, Harder

Just asking this question makes me nervous. Of course, I torture myself with it all the time. As a Greek, … Continued