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Zuist Church Logo

Zuism is an ancient Sumerian religion that won official recognition in Iceland in 2013 - and it now claims close to 3,000 members.

Green and Grey

I'm no devil I'm Father to the land, I have lived here since the Earth began, Neither black nor white, Priest hear what I say, I'm green and grey. ...


A compelling and divinely sent message by the Holy Spirit through the vessel of O.W. Prince proclaiming the hypocrisy and satanic deception of the ...

Two Minutes With... A Pagan

A discussion with Carolina Amor, Pagan priestess and founder of Circulo de Isis, at the Parliament of the World's Religions 2015 in Salt Lake City....

First Steps - the start of a new journey

The start of a journey takes only one step and sometimes those steps are backwards as mine have been many times. For years I have struggled on wha...

Who wrote the Gospels

The Title: Who wrote the Gospels? Language: English The Lecturer : Yusuf Estes Reveiwers : Muhammad AbdulRaoof Short Description: Concise examinati...

Goddess Rising Instagram

Achintya Devi is the brain behind the online community, Goddess Rising. If Glenda the Good Witch were a real person, she couldn’t wave a wand at De...

Courage Makes a Difference

In our politically correct culture, how convinced of the truth are you? Are you so convinced that you will choose to courageously proclaim it regar...

Prayer That Is Answered Immediately

When we embrace Jesus fully, when we become a part of the Ultimate Answer, we can be Jesus’ hands and feet on Planet Earth to change the world.

Dr. G. Love Instagram

Dr. Geryll Robinson, better known as Dr. G. Love, is a Diviner, Naprapath, Shamanic Practitioner and black witch with an Instagram feed you have to...

Why name a month after a pagan deity? 6 July 2014

Visit Rabbi Sprecher's web site at

Shabti Box and Shabtis

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Website: "...Shabti figures, of which there could be from 1 to over 400 examples in a single tomb, were mean...

Freedom, Not Fear: A Lesson in Flying

thoughts of letting go of fear

Whole Bible Blessings: Connects Spirit and Physical

Bruce S. Bertram of The Word of God Ministries and delightedly presents the first of 24 blessings pressed down and overfl...

The Gods Who Come With Us

thinking about how the gods effect us

My Life Poetry

Can't pencil me in, I'm not a square Therefore, not fittable in any box or religious system I don't fit the norm, or what's generally accepted Not ...

Why Does the Goddess Matter?

goddess did not have a definition on Wikipedia’.

Aquarian Dawn Instagram

Amber Magnolia Hill is a California-based herbalist with a down-to-earth style we love. Hill is part of a “sisterhood of radical babes” who share p...

The Odin Brotherhood, A Pagan Secret Society

This is a reading of an interview in the Odin Brotherhood book.

Spirits Instagram

Artist and Etsy-shop owner Tilly Garcia manages an Instagram page that puts the cliché Hollywood interpretation of witches to shame. Beautifully so...

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