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President Trump's travel ban does have an underlying good reason but is Ineff...

Comments on President's Travel ban and on threat of Islam worldwide

Missionary 101: Language Learning

We don’t have to go very far to interact with a community with a different culture than our own, with different financial status that can feel very...

Why Get Out Of PAPER Money Currency (b4 Too Late)? Black Jacob's Trouble Come... The Return Cycle of the Lion of Judah: YOM KIPPUR 2012, Astesriyo & Beyta Israel's Day of Atonement! **...

Interfaith Rally Stands Up to Islamophobia

Local Chicagoland interfaith event highlights love in the face of hate.

Why All the Details in Judaism?

Does God care about the details? Yes, because He wants us to care about them.

"Come To Me"

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Fellowship - True Love

7-13-11 2 John 1 The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the tr...

Will the Real God Please Reveal— Himself? Herself? Itself?

“God” has so many aspects, attributes, levels, and dimensions that we humans have not even begun to touch or realize. We can experience this spirit...

The Circumcision

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Ezekiel 28 - Aliens - Angels and Demons 3 of 3

Economic collapse crisis depression 2009 bull bear market shares tank tanking have been tanked gold silver bonds treasury notes (End of the World i...

AusDisciples Band - Repent! - From 'Judgement Day' album.

O Lord, our God; Remove the idols of false doctrine from the midst of many who proclaim Your Holy name, and renew in us the power of Your Holy Spir...

Session of Christian Pen and Paper Rpg Roleplaying Game

Jesus is the only hope for salvation from the guilt of sin so that we don't go to hell when we die nor burn in the lake of fire forever. Faith in J...

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