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I n t e r f a i t h R a l ly i n R o m e On June 28th, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. over five thousand Catholics, brother and sister Christians, interfaith allies, and others of good will gather at Piazza Farnese in Rome and march to St. Peter’s Square under the banner “One Earth, One Human Family” amid drummers, giant puppets, and kites representing the Holy Spirit. Carrying “leaves” printed with sacred scriptures from the world’s religious traditions, the marchers will deliver the message that the world’s religions are behind Pope Francis, along with many secular people of good will, and they call for a strong climate agreement among the world’s nations. With Catholics from nations most threatened by climate change at the head of the march, marchers hope to be greeted by Pope Francis at his weekly Angelus blessing. Most of the marchers will be Italians and other Europeans conveyed by public transportation. But the entire world can participate. At noon, on June 28th, wherever your time zone might be, houses of worship are invited to ring their church bells, blow their shofars, sound their gongs—in short, make a joyful noise in thankfulness for Pope Francis’ important moral message, and call attention to the urgency of the U.N. climate talks. No one group “owns” the march—it’s led by a planning team convened by Our Voices and FOCSIV, the relief and development arm of the Italian Catholic bishops. Partners in Italy can still join in the planning, and endorsements by all faith organizations are welcome. Please send any such communications to jkorgen@greenfaith.org. I I C W e b i n a r O f f e r e d The Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC) will present a webinar titled "Standing in Solidarity with Refugees on World Refugee Day and Beyond" on June 15th at 4pm Eastern time. This webinar will include advocacy updates about Syrian refugees, protections for unaccompanied children and positive refugee legislation, and how people of faith can advocate around these important issues. As June 29th - July 2nd is Refugee Community Advocacy week, we're encouraging everyone to schedule local, in-district visits with your Senators and Representatives while they are in their home offices for the Independence Day holiday. Please RSVP Here and use the call in number: 805-399-1000, Code 104402. The link for the visual portion is http://join.me/faith4immigration Franciscan action Network PO Box 29106 Washington, DC 20017 Phone: (202) 527-7575 Fax: (202) 527-7576 E-mail:info@franciscanaction.org Transforming the World in the Spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. We’re on the Web! franciscanaction.org Resources to Support Immigrant Families The Justice for Immigrants (JFI) campaign of the USCCB hosted a webinar on the issue of family detention. It was very revealing in statistics of families detained as well as cost of keeping these families in a detention center. As a result of this webinar, FAN along with partner organizations are urging peo- ple to take a minute for two actions on behalf of immigrant families. The first is to send a note to the President. JFI has a pre-written letter addressed to the President urging the closure of detention facilities in the U.S. It states that these families have faced extreme hardship and persecution and are entitled to due process protections under our law and that by detaining these families, we are compromising our values. The second action is to send a letter to the women and children in the detention centers, letting them know that they are not alone. The Catholic Legal Immigra- tion Network has some tips and information on how to send them as well as edu- cational and other resources for use. We urge you to visit their website. Together we can continue to promote the dignity of these families and children. H a n d g u n L i c e n s e C a m p a i g n L a u n c h Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence will hold a digital press conference from the Washington National Cathedral at 4:00pm on June 11th to launch the "Handgun Purchaser Licensing Saves Lives" campaign with the release of the report Tale of Two States which will be published in the American Journal of Public Policy. Professor Daniel Webster, Johns Hopkins University, conducted an in-depth study of the impact of differing gun legislation in two states, Missouri and Connecticut. To help promote this campaign, June 11th will be a Day of Action when endorsements will be sought for a RESOLUTION urging handgun purchaser licensing in all states. The website taleoftwostates.com will be live after the scheduled press conference. FAN will encourage endorsements at that time. Also on the web will be media releases, sample tweets to spread the word and posters that can be printed and posted. FAN has a listing of 12,500 people in all 50 states on our mailing list. Our goal will be endorsements in all 50 states.