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IS GOD EGOTISTICAL? Have you ever wondered why God seems to be so egotistical? He wants us to praise Him, exalt Him, glorify Him, honor Him, and worship Him; and He is “enthroned upon the praises of Israel.” To answer that, first, let me share why I don’t like to be praised very much. For one thing, I don’t want to be praised because I know all about myself, even the “dark side” of me, and I know I’m not worthy of being praised. Also, I know that there are many others who deserve to be praised much more than I do. They have done more, lived better, sacrificed more, and been more faithful than I could ever hope to be. So it embarrasses me when people praise me too much. It makes me uncomfortable. God doesn’t have any of those problems. He doesn’t have a “dark side.” He is perfectly integral. What He says, He does. He is never hypocritical. He is absolutely worthy of all praise. Likewise, God doesn’t know anyone or anything better than Himself. He is the most perfect, most loving, most caring, most holy Being that exists or ever will exist. No one is like Him. No one is His equal. He knows of nothing superior to Himself. He is the absolute best in every sense of the word. But there is a more important reason why God wants us to praise Him: He knows that we become like the object of our praise. When I praise His goodness, I want to be a better person. When I praise His lovingkindness, I want to be more loving and kinder to those around me. When I praise His purity and holiness, I want to be holy like He is - He is my Father, I am His child, and as a child, I want to be like my Father. So the more I praise Him, the more I want to become like Him. He knows that as humans we tend to become more and more like the gods we worship, for good or for evil. When we live our lives in praise and worship of the gods of possessions or sensuality or pride or power, we are molded into the form of what we worship and we become lesser human beings. But when we worship Him, we become better people - more full of the love, purity, joy, and peace that characterize Him and that should increasingly characterize those who worship, praise, exalt, and glorify Him. So, in the end, God seeks for our praise because of the good it does us. And He is a “jealous God” because He knows that if we worship any things or anyone else instead of Him, they will corrupt and destroy us. He knows of nothing better than His own existence, and His highest hope and desire for us is that we come to be more and more like Him as we praise and honor Him for all He is and all He does! I PRAISE HIM!  Psalm 22:3  Romans 12:3  Habakkuk 1:13  Revelation 4:11  Isaiah 45:20-21  Isaiah 46:9  Isaiah 43:10  1 Peter 1:14-16  Romans 12:2  Deuteronomy 5:7-9  Ezekiel 16:35-40, 23:46-49

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1 Michael McKissick = "Such an insightful point to be made, and why I believe the first two of the ten commandments pertain to worship. "
2 Shawn Bose = "For me this understanding is key - the feeling of doing for other that brings us joy. There are many ways in which religious traditions expand upon this.  For example in service to others we are praising God, and this is what brings us real joy and peace.  This is what Jesus taught, as do many of his followers including Mother Teresa, and is an emphasis of the current Pope Francis."