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Jesus Christ; all man or all God, or both...?

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There is an ongoing argument amidst the "religious community". Was Jesus Christ all man, or all God ,or both? This answer is very easily found when it's actually looked for. I belive it was Albert Einstein who said, "if you can't explain something simply enough you do not understand it well enough"...so Here it is the truth as simply put as I can. In (Philippians2:5-10) Paul addresses this controversial topic to those of Philippi (but I will help you to understand the truth of it) he said the following "let this mind also be in you as was in Christ Jesus who, being in the form of God..." For the word form the Greeks use the word (morphe') which means;to have the external appearance of. "....taking the form of a bondservant..." again the word that's used is (morphe') external appearance, and Paul specifically states Jesus Christ only had the outward appearance of a man, but notice the word (morphe')is used for both. Which meant what he actually stated was Jesus Christ who came as both God and man. He continues; "Coming in the likeness of man..." The Greek word for likeness is (homoioma) which actually means; to appear as. This is very specific Jesus Christ appeared as man, but Paul did not say God who came as man. He said He appeared as man. The Greek text does not say He was a man. It says He was God outwardly and inwardly, who then appeared to us with an outward appearance as man (brought to us by the Virgin birth. Matthew1:23). Now here Paul is very specific as well,..."Being found in appearance as man" the Greek text actually translates from the word fashion not appearance, and for fashion the Greeks use the word (schema) which meant; habits or according to the senses of what one perceives. Here Paul states that God who came in the form of Jesus Christ also was a man according to the senses. What does this all mean..? The truth on Jesus Christ's deity is this...He was all God in and out and while He was here, only had the outward appearance of a man, which makes Him all man and all God. Unless...you think this is beyond His power or ability. Author, ( Kyle Bearden) "The Truth Is..." Available Christmas 2016 kylebearden4@blogspot.com