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The Starvation Epidemic

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There is a serious problem thats running rampant in this world, and getting worse everyday, people are starving everywhere. Everywhere I look, all I see are empty stomachs and visible ribs. This starvation truly is a plague that has been poured out on earth. The most tragic thing about this starvation, is it began as a self inflicted starvation, but this starvation was not to inflict the self as in a fast, but rather a simple lack of caring about ones nutritional intake. Somewhere along the line of truth and lie, a lie gas been sold to people that the life giving properties of food are no longer a necessity, and we have bought into with our mind, body , and soul and never questioning the simple truth we understand, and that's we all need food to live. For some reason this truth, in its simplicity has been lost and distorted into complexity. The base principles of this truth are so easily understood we could compare it to the A,B,C's, but now with all the falsity and lies this simple truth has been distorted into something like hyroglyphics. It seems no matter how many times it's been explained, and no matter how many times we have been spoon fed than taught how to feed ourselves, the minute we learn, this knowledge is stolen and we instantly forget that eating is a necessity, and as the hustle and bustle of our daily lives take there toll we begin to lack eating all together. We then are deceived into thinking our will power alone will sustain and keep us going, but here is the real truth ad Jesus said it," Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."(Matthew4:4) Now why is it, we as humans have a compulsion to make the simple truths complex? This very simple truth is ignored and even rejected daily. Jesus directly stated it to us, we will not live by bread alone, so those that reject this truth and His knowledge reject Him, and since with Him is all life, Him as well. Why do we prefer to starve and die, rather than live? Have exposed ribs and emaciated faces truly become a fashion statement? Is it true, is death the new fad? Has man's opinion become such a priority to us, that it now takes precedent over ones own survival? Is man's power now so great we now truly control one another, or is it man's will is so weak we can longer withstand one another? Jesus clearly told us," without Me you can do nothing."(John15:5) it's as He said without Him we do not receive the necessities for life. We are not self sufficient. Just as with our physical being we can not sustain ourselves off of our will power alone. We need food to survive, and its not too often someone will refuse food when their stomach is aching, and yet even those who ard full of food are still starving and walking around with ribs showing, totally neglecting the hunger that is truly responsible for sustaining real life. Once this hunger is addressed you will truly begin to live. Despite this very simple very real truth declared it will still be pushed away. Don't misunderstand, I do not lack any faith in my God, but rather my faith in man is becoming non-existent. Do we continue to offer food to the starving even though they refuse to eat? Yes!....we must, for this is love demonstrated. So here it is again, truth in its simplist form. Jesus plainly said it," For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed,...and he who feeds on Me will live because of Me."(John6:54-57) Plainly stated, no riddle, no parable. We will only live because of Him. He is the food for survival. He is the solution for our starvation. "Your much to thin. You can not possibly survive much longer. Don't you feel your stomach growling? Don't you feel your knees weakening? Don't believe the lie anymore...please..eat something.

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