115. Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult?

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Actually, a cult is defined as an "integrative religious movement which effectively imported into different religiously defined cultural system to which it must seek to synthesize and justify its "foreign" worldview".  So Christian missionary groups (especially in the Far East) or vodun are cults, because they are foreign religions in that region.  When Paul preached Jesus' word to pagans, they considered his religion as a cult.Instead Jehovah's Witnesses are a sect.  A sect is defined as a "separatist revitalization movement that arises out of established religiously defined cultural system, with which the sect shares the same basic world view and symbol system".  Since Jehovah's Witnesses are rooted in the same world view as Christianity.  Similarly, Mormons originated as a sect in the early 1800's, since they called themselves Christians at that time.  Buddhism started out as a sect of Hinduism as well, since the Buddha was a Hindu.  Christians called themselves an apocalyptic Jewish sect, in fact Paul repeatedly calls himself a true Jew in his letters to churches.Work Cited:White, L. "Rise of Christianity." Rise of Christianity. University of Texas - at Austin, Austin. 12 Feb. 2015. Lecture."