A Debate with a "Zen-Master"

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1 Cary W = "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  The old has passed away; behold the new is come.  His rule followed in our heart is the Kingdom of heaven made manifest in our midst.  And in that union, there is power, peace, love and tangible transformation.  Always."
2 Cary W = "The crux of Christianity is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  To discount that one crucial fact as myth is to make Christianity in its entirety foolishness.  To believe He died and rose (as he and many before prophesied) is to open the door to God revealing Himself, His Spirit and His Son to any who dare to believe that God did the work of setting us right with Him through the blessed work of redemption in Christ, who bore all of our sins."