Buddha and Christ

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1 Sanjaya M = "This is an admirable discourse but unfortunately extremely misguiding. Lord Buddha and Buddhism has nothing to do with any God.  I respect all the religious teachers and every good thing they have taught to human beings , yet if one  to understand the Buddhism there are few basic ideas that he or she need to comprehend . Firstly , Lord Buddha is a human being . He never claimed himself to be a son or a messenger of god . He was a prince who was born into a family of a regional king.  What motivated him to renounce worldly pleasures and lead a spiritual life was his realization that no pleasure can be real unless the  Death , Decay and Illnesses can be  averted. This was his spiritual quest. The fruit of his quest was the state of Nibbana which he attained . He then taught us the path to attain Nibbana in Buddhism. Thus , the core of Buddhism is the path to attain Nibbana . Secondly, Buddhism observed every being that was born in the universe has to decay, suffer illnesses /pains and to die. Buddhism also observes worlds beyond our world , where their beings enjoy more comfort and longevity . There are many heavenly existences and many devilish/impoverished existences in one celestial system in the universe (According to Buddhism the universe contains infinite number of celestial systems called Sakvala). Yet, no existence can escape the Birth , Death , Decay and sufferings . So according to Buddhism , there is NO Heaven that you can take refuge from Death and Decay , in other words even the Gods die. Thirdly , attaining Nibbana is the ultimate aim of a Buddhist . In order to do that you do not have to fall in love with Buddha . In fact it is exactly what should be not done . Nibbana is the realization of the four noble truth by oneself. It cannot be taught by anyone, even Buddha himself only showed the path . I do not wish to expound on the four noble truths here but what happens when one attain Nibbana is that he is not going to born again after death. It is a kind of complete cancellation or exhaustion of the energy that runs the cycle of birth. It is a kind of matter uniting with anti matter canceling the energies with in . Fourthly , Lord Buddha is no more . There  is no use of falling love with him or even praying  for him. When Buddhist say they take refuge from Buddha means that they take refuge from his teaching , the Dhamma. Thus one has to study Dhamma and practice it to understand Buddhism. Faith in its linguistic sense has no meaning in Buddhism . Faith is a concept that encourage one to close down his /her mind and to steadfastly hold into what is taught. In contrast the concept of "Shradda" (translated as faith) encourages one to open their mind and observe the reality , what is really in front of your naked eye and the see for himself/herself whether what is taught in Buddhism is true or not.In my opinion word religion may not be the correct word to explain Buddhism . Because Buddhism does not teach about a god , creation , or an eternal life. It does not even have anyone to pray for. However , its content may be the most logical and truthful wisdom a man has gifted to his fellow human beings .  "