Easter 2014

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1 Cary W = "We all have this deep sense that something is missing here on Earth; though we seem to have so much beauty, love and joy, even then we miss the Garden.  We belong to a heavenly city and home, and can only know peace when we experience it in the Holy Spirit's anointing and presence."
2 Cary W = "God walked with us in the garden of paradise, now through Jesus, He walks with us in the desert, shares and bears our afflictions, and cleanses us from all our shame and brokenness that have being here in a fallen world.  Glory!"
3 Cary W = "For a while the world had hope, when One sent from heaven defied sickness and death, healing the deft, the lame, and broken and even ending the sentence of death by raising again from the dead.  Hope lives still, because He lives still...through us!"