Evidence for the Resurrection

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1 Cary W = "When you verify the prophecies concerning the details of Jesus death, witnessed by several different gospel writings as having been fulfilled exactly as spoken hundreds of the years before the event, one must be compelled to believe God was at work in every single detail.  No accidents, coincidences, or wiggle room for error.  Salvation's plan got worked out to the very finest detail, to demonstrate the glory and reality of God in Christ!"
2 Cary W = "The biggest witness that Jesus is indeed the risen savior who still lives is the personal experience that comes upon making Him Lord and asking Him into your heart.  He comes!"
3 Cary W = "Jesus is the only prophet and man who has ever said he would die then rise, then actually do it before countless witnesses, as well as offer a promise none other has ever made:  I have reserved a place for every single one of you who believe in Me.  Nope, not Buddha, not Mohammad, nor Krishna.  They all died, so how could they?"