Looking For All The Wrong Things In All The Wrong Places

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1 Stephanie C = "The contiousness and Faith of this man had therefor been restored. From being disabled ( to be diss- abled) is to be unable to do something. But now he has been lifted up in mind,in spirit,mentally.That now he by the faith of Jesus Christ he has now able to walk normally.And move around as others do as well."
2 Sara Di Diego = "According to this speaker everyone, through the example of the cripple found in Acts 14, are looking for the wrong things in all the wrong places.  But if one looks at all the places crippled people were found and healed in the Bible, there is no right place to look for things.  The cripple healed in John 5 had placed himself near a "healing" watering hole.  This could be seen as a pagan hope and place.  One could argue that the only disabled person who was looking for the right things in the right places was the man who was lowered down by his friends into a place Jesus was speaking at, in Mark 2.  However, as the speaker later states, cripples were not allowed in temples or places of Jewish worship.  Thus, if the speaker was any other person, the man would have certainly been abused or killed for his crudeness.Thus, one must only hope that hospitable people will stumble across one's path to give help.  According to Christianity, everyone is sick with sin and thus we all must help each other, since we cannot help ourselves."