The Next Happening in the Program of God

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1 Cary W = "In the origin of our creation as humans, God intended that we would eat of the tree of life forever, never having tasted of such a thing as death, disease, or loss of any kind.  In Christ, we are once again given a new birth, with a new plan and inheritance, including everlasting, uninterupted life!"
2 Cary W = "God risked everything to save us, because our spirits, like His, are eternal.  It is the body that dies and the body that is resurrected unto eternal life, having been washed from all impurity of sin, which manifested as death."
3 Cary W = "Then the Lord Himself shall descend and with a shout, " Come Forth!" shall the dead in Christ rise, then all of us, and so shall we all remain with the Lord.  Glory!"