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10 Breath Prayers To Get You Through Your Day

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Life has been a real struggle lately. The devil has been shooting arrows of doubt, fear, insecurity, & just downright dirty lies at me constantly, day & night. I’ve had one of two choices: Allow him to do it & shut down or allow God to take over & take shelter in His promises. Confession: I let the devil do as he pleased, & it has not been pretty. Spiritual warfare is real & when God says to abide in His Word to ward off the ways of evil, He knows what He’s talking about. When He says stay in constant fellowship with me, He means it. He knows how weak I am & He’s constantly reminding me of how much I need Him, especially now. I know God has some amazing things in store for me, but the scary thing is, Satan does too! And he’s going to go out of his way to make sure those things don’t happen. But mercy, have I been weak!! I’m going to be completely transparent with you & let you know it’s been a struggle to make God a priority lately. It feels like it takes every ounce of energy in me just to say a quick prayer…but sometimes it’s that quick prayer that’s all you need. I love breath prayers. Though they be short & simple, they’re effective! Breath prayers are little prayers you can bring up to God that can be done in just a breath or two. When I’m feeling defeated, weak, & run down, sometimes all I can do is offer up a simple breathe prayer to The One that hears us all. In doing so, I’m able to breathe in His presence, His truths, His promises, and breathe out all the negativity & lies that the devil has been trying to shove down my throat. There have been several breath prayers that have been on my heart lately & I want to share them with you today: “Lord, make me eager to wake up to spend time with you” Breathe in the joys of spending time with the Father, breathe out the temporary exhaustion I might be feeling “Jesus Christ, Son of God, break me down for your glory” Breathe in humility & take in His glory, breathe out my need to keep it all “together” “More of You & less of me, O Mighty God” Breathe in the comfort of “It’s all about God,” and breathe out the pride that says “It’s all about me” “Holy Spirit, help me pray” Breathe in the power of the Holy Spirit speaking for me, and breathe out the doubt that says He’s not listening “Abba Father, I rejoice in this day you gave me” Breathe in thankfulness that God has given me this day to enjoy & breathe out the temptation to complain about it “May I be satisfied in you, O Lord” Breathe in the satisfaction that He is enough, & breathe out the need for more stuff “Word of God, take root” Breathe in His Word that gives me life, breathe out anything that doesn’t give me life “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions” (Psalm 119:18) Breathe in His commands, breathe out the temptation to do things my way “Lord help me through this, guide me through this” Breathe in the fact that He goes before me, & breathe out any fears and frustrations “Jesus be the center” (Matthew 21:9) Breathe in The One who needs to be the center of my life, & breathe out anything that is trying to take His place

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Breath prayers are actually an ancient Christian practice that started in the 6th century.  It was mainly popular with the Eastern church.  The main idea is to have a prayer you can say, or think, to the rhythm of your breath.  This way, you can continuously pray by making it as easy as breathing.Work Cited:https://gravitycenter.com/practice/breath-prayer/"
2 Sara Di Diego = "This probably comes from the popular Christian song, More of You by Colton Dixon:Source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYXjXi8PtzQ"
3 Cary W = "For the Spirit Himself shall give us utterance to God, for we do not know how to pray."
4 Sara Di Diego = "Matthew 5:6 says that "those who hunger and thirst for righteousness...they shall be satisfied"."
5 Cary W = "In His words alone is there life, and that abundantly.  Breathe in His life giving word, and breath out all the rest of the stuff that may occupy our holy minds."