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1 Shawn Bose = "The need to seek out and help the 'vulnerable' is essential in the good works of all people.  Jesus lived this in his example.  Here is an excerpt from Dudley Rose's "The Ministry of Healing in Christianity""Throughout Luke, Jesus breaks through class barriers, consorting with sinners, the ritually suspect, lower-class people, the "other." That's what got him into trouble all the time! He socialized with people who made others uncomfortable—sort of how we might be uncomfortable with people who live on the street today. That was his "ministry of healing"—caring for the poor and others. The parables, the stories of Jesus being among the poor and unfortunate are important. Narrating these stories, thinking about them, moves us. It gives us a way of thinking of "the others" as human beings. It's really easy for us to see such people as somehow not worthy of our respect. Telling these stories gives the poor the fullness they deserve.""
2 Cary W = "All of us who at one time or another have felt disenfranchised and thus unheard or recognized have great need to be seen and heard for what and who we are presently.  Such immense connection, healing and communion occur when even one cares to notice, attends with an open heart and ear, if even for a moment."