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Devotional Prayer to Manannan Mac Lir

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Falling rain, boundless sea Manannan, my Lord, speak to me Cleanse my heart, my face, my voice Give me clarity to make my choice

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1 Morag Spinner = "Manannan is considered the god of oceans, storms, and weather. He is associated with rain, sea, and mist (or fog). "
2 Morag Spinner = "This is a personal association I have with the rain and with my lord Manannan in particular. He has helped me with clearing out old negatives in my life and giving me the clarity to see things -- much like the rain is cleansing and clarifying, so is He. In this prayer I ask for His help in purifying myself of any emotional or psychic sludge that's on me, and for help in seeing things clearly so I can make the right decisions. Other devotees of Manannan might see things differently or have different associations with Him. "