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Sacred blood, holy land My Queen, I heed Your command Bless my hands, my mind, my feet Give me courage to stay; let me know when to retreat

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1 Morag Spinner = "I personally associate the Morrigan with blood, land, earth, and life. She is an earth goddess to me in that She represents all the messy aspects of life -- the dirt, the blood, the pain, the sacrifice. Other devotees of the Morrigan might have a different view of Her. This is just mine. "
2 Morag Spinner = "This is a reference to the Morrigan's sovereignty aspect, which is well-attested in the lore. As a representation of the land, the Morrigan has the power to grant sovereignty to the ruler of a land (a king, in the past) or to take it away. As the land, She is the only one who has any say over who can rule or steward it -- She is a sovereign. A queen. As well, Her name translates to "Great Queen" or "Phantom Queen," depending on the accent marks. "
3 Morag Spinner = "This is alluding to the Morrigan's more well-known aspect as a Goddess of Battle and war. Here I am asking Her to give me courage to stay and fight when necessary, and to let me know when retreat is the better part of valor. I'm appealing to Her as my superior officer, to give me direction when I'm deep in the trenches. I'm not referring to actual physical battles in this. I'm more talking about conversations that turn heated and draining, or fighting with the phone company over unfair charges, or the struggle to face the world every day when things are really tough -- modern battles that we face every day. "