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Eternal Conversation Your voice to me, is mighty like thunder, but quiet as whisper... I can hear it echo through the centuries as I become one with scripture... I can hear Your voice...to me it's very audible, and I'm often seen having conversations with myself and observed like my insanity is probable... The honor to converse with You brings a state thats laudible and joyous... Then my spirits starts a dance that's boisterous And loud, But speaking by movement and swaying... from Left to right with each direction conveying to all Who observe that it's with You I converse and Commune, And our conversations always lift the weight and burden of lonliness... Its truly only You who understand why I say this, But as Your love embraces me it erases all Struggles that chase me and try to displace my Bliss... But then I miss it before it's ever gone... This is why our conversations will forever carry On.