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Gift Of Worry

Added by Kyle Bearden

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Father You know I have some worries, And I'm starting to obsess... And all that this is doing is multiplying Stress... I'm trying to ignore it, but it seems I'm Fixated... So this is me imploring...please...can You Take them... You know my worries so please just Erase them... You know that I'm not perfect, and sometimes I chase them... I'm asking please...will You break them... I know these habits corrode my salvation, And I'd give 'em up if I wasn't chained to them... With these all gone there's only elation.... As I breathe I plead I speak and believe that these are now Yours by His name I implore, I just can't possibly handle no more, I'm down on my knees I throw these to the floor... I'm begging and pleading, please O' please Lord... I'm done with the bottom and face to the floor... I just can't do this no more...... So TAKE THEM!.....