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Papa Legba, ouvri ba'ryé-a. Ouvri ba'ryé Atibon, Pou nou pase la. (trans. Papa Legba, open the gate. Open the gate Atibon, To let us come in.)

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1 Sara Di Diego = "During this prayer song, the priest or priestess would hold an ason (a gourd rattle covered in a web of beads) in one hand and a white enamel cup in the other.  On one side of him/her, a ritual assistant would be holding a candle and on the other side an assistant would be holding a bottle of gin.  Each of these objects would be lifted up to the different cardinal directions, in turn.  The priest or priestess would shake the ason sharply every time they rotated while dipping in a circle.Work Cited:Brown, Karen McCarthy. Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn. Berkeley: U of California, 2010. Print."