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National Day of Prayer Prayer

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Heavenly Father, We come to You in the Name that is above every name—Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Our hearts cry out to You. Knowing that You are a prayer-answering, faithful God—the One we trust in times like these—we ask that You renew our spirits, revive our churches, and heal our land. We repent of our sins and ask for Your grace and power to save us. Hear our cry, oh God, and pour out Your Spirit upon us that we may walk in obedience to Your Word. We are desperate for Your tender mercies. We are broken and humbled before You. Forgive us, and in the power of Your great love, lift us up to live in Your righteousness. We pray for our beloved nation. May we repent and return to You and be a light to the nations. And we pray for our leaders and ask that You give them wisdom and faith to follow You. Preserve and protect us, for You are our refuge and only hope. Deliver us from all fears except to fear You, and may we courageously stand in the Truth that sets us free. We pray with expectant faith and grateful hearts. In Jesus’ name, our Savior. Amen.

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Although an extremely high percentage of Americans are Christian, 4.7% of the population are affiliated with other religions.  This amounts to 14.1 million Americans identifying as non-Christian and religious.Thus we must ask why the prayer for the National Day of Prayer would be dedicated to a specific figure.Work Cited:http://religions.pewforum.org/reports"
2 Sara Di Diego = "The theme for this year's National Day of Prayer is Lord, Hear Our Cry.Work Cited:http://nationaldayofprayer.org/about/theme-and-verse/"
3 Sara Di Diego = "This prayer is supposed to be said simultaneously around the nation at noon (EDT), on May 7.Work Cited:http://nationaldayofprayer.org/2015-theme-and-verse/"