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May I learn not to be ruled by exhilaration or anger. May failures be instructors, not judgments. May other people's lives, their loves and joys and losses, be as real to me as my own. May may doubts not be belligerent or my belief smug. May my faith in betterment never falter. May I be daily inspired by the countless women and men who worked, sacrificed and dreamed to create the wonders of the world I enjoy, May I live true to their legacy, and so be included in prayers of New Years to come. Dear God, in a world radiant with blessing, may I never hoard my good fortune but offer it to your children with an open hand, an eager heart and a spirit that honors You.

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1 Cary W = "This is my favorite part of this prayer, for it encompasses gratitude for others and nurtures the ground of inspiration."
2 Cary W = "No matter what gifts, talents, abilities and opportunities we bring to the day, we owe all our gratitude to God, and do well to acknowledge His grace and the purpose of our entire life is to share and extend all of His good gifts."