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Prayer for February 19: Please pray with me. God who sees our true nature, open our eyes to see ourselves as you see us. Open our eyes to see ourselves as others see us – especially those who do not profess a faith in you. Do people see us as people of faith? How so? Is it because they know we are people of faith because of our love and care of others? Or do they we are people of faith because of our political fights and stands, our anger and fear, our belittling and dehumanizing, our blind loyalty to party or politician? Lord help us if this is the case. Give us a change of heart to follow you – to follow you in the way that you call. You call us not to pick a side in a battle of the status quo, but rather to participate in the unfolding of your reign – a new reality that is unfolding where love, grace, hope, and forgiveness are lived out and given freely. A new reality. Help us to live into this new reality and invite others into it as well. Amen.