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Yesterday the forecast coming from the ICU doctor was not good; riding the edge of a razor blade my son dodged what could have been a deadly bullet to strike down his young life, but the damage had been done. Like a nasty frontal system crossing the Red River headed south (if you are familiar with North Texas you'll get the picture), the doctor had said he will need dialysis three times a week, and for a nineteen-year-old, that’s like the mother of all storms. This morning, however, a surprised doctor reading the data from overnight found himself in near disbelief. Joe’s kidneys were beginning to function normally - an unexpected turn of events. How does that happen? Ordinarily, it doesn’t, but we know how - don’t we? Prayer, your prayers; the many of you who took the matter before the Lord in faith got a payoff and I cannot thank God and you enough for remembering my son. He will get into a private room today and probably go home tomorrow, and that’s great news, but he will need to make some changes in his life – a person can only ride the edge of a razor blade so many times before a carotid artery of sorts is cut. Please continue the prayers, the road to recovery is still ahead. I love my son and thank you for loving him too as you embraced him in your prayers. "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." (James 5:16b NLT).