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Great promise is now in the world, for God has sent a great Revelation into the world, the first such Revelation given in over a thousand years, given now to a humanity facing the Great Waves of change and its encounter with life in the universe—the two greatest events of all time, which will affect the lives and the future of every person on Earth. God has given to humanity what humanity cannot give itself, and with this great gift of Revelation, a true understanding of how God works in the world and God’s fundamental relationship with your life and your destiny here. It brings with it great correction to the confusion and the false ideas that had been associated with religion and spirituality over many centuries. For the Great Revelation is not bound by human understanding or human assumptions or human belief. It is the Revelation from the Source of your life given through the Angelic Presence that oversees this world that can translate the Will of God into words and images that you can understand and that you can bring into your life today and each day to follow. There is now great promise in the world, in a world that grows darker each day, a world of declining resources, a world of environmental change and degradation, a world of economic and social upheaval and uncertainty—a new world, a world that humanity has altered through its greed and through its destruction of the natural environment, a world that everyone will have to face together, a new world. Humanity is unprepared and will not prepare itself in time for this. This has brought the Lord of the universe to give a New Revelation to humanity, a larger Revelation than has ever been given to the world before, given now to a literate world, to a world of global communication, given now to a world of global finance and interaction, given now in the simplest terms and with great repetition and clarification, given now beyond the understanding of any person, given now with a depth and a comprehension that you cannot exhaust. God’s New Revelation will reveal all of the errors, fantasies and constraints of humanity. It will shed light on all of humanity’s foolish endeavors and incorrect beliefs. But more importantly, it will affirm that which is true in every heart—beyond belief, beyond religion, beyond all the distinctions that humanity has created to fracture the human family and set it in contention with itself. God’s New Revelation will call forth the strength, the integrity and the purpose of each person who can respond to it, of each person who can come to it in a true state of service and humility, for each person who can come to it realizing that a New Revelation from God is, above all things, needed in a world that is beginning to unravel before their very eyes. There is great promise in the world. There is great promise for you. For God has given you now the pathway to bring clarity and resolution to your life; to free you from anger and despair and self-repudiation; to free you from the darkness and the shadows of your past and from all the injury you have sustained in your journey thus far on Earth. God has given you now the pathway out of the jungle; the resolution to a dilemma that seems to have no resolution; the restoration of your greater purpose, power and integrity; and the opportunity to engage in relationships of a very high quality, which was never possible before. I pray that the great promise may be recognized, that people will be able to see beyond their jaded view of religion, or their religious ideology, to recognize the true Revelation that is now emerging in their midst. I pray that people will take the journey that God has set out before them, for only this will prove the meaning, the value and the importance of God’s New Message for the world. I pray that the Revelation has come in time to save humanity from disintegration and from subjugation from forces from beyond the world who are now in the world to take advantage of human conflict and human ignorance. I pray that these times may be a calling for you to receive that which can restore your life and enable you to give your greater gifts to a world whose needs are growing more desperate with each passing day. I pray that the great promise may be recognized and that people will have the courage and the humility to undertake the great gift of preparation that it provides. For it is only this, received by enough people in enough time, that will save humanity from disintegration and from collapse. May the power of Knowledge that God has put within you be yours to guide you each day as you learn to take the Steps to Knowledge. And may the recognition of your deeper needs prevail over your fantasies and the domination of others over you. And may the gift of revelation and restoration be yours to receive and to give, for in truth it will give you all that you desire and will fulfill your purpose for being in the world at this time.