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Most ancient Christian prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, Jesus Prayer, etc.) give us specific Christian examples of more universal truths. As we grow and evolve, we are able to move beyond particular examples to the more general truths. The God that religion often makes small, becomes larger. Here are more general versions of the Our Father, The Hail Mary and two other prayers to Jesus and Buddha that I say often pray along with the originals. These in no way diminish the truth and value of the originals. They simply expand them in the direction the originals already point. Our Father: "You Who Cannot Be Named, We stand in awe of You. May the worlds that emerge from you learn to love. Be kind to your children And help your children be kind to each other. And please take away our pain. Amen." Hail Mary: "Hello Universe. That Which Cannot Be Named is with you. Blessed are you among universes, And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Earth. Sacred Earth, mother of life, Pray for your children, Now, And at the moment of our death. Amen." Jesus Prayer: "Spirit of Christ, Help us discover those things worth dying for. And help us trust That death is never The end of the story. Amen." Buddha Prayer: "Spirit of Buddha, Take away our addictions Fears, And blindness. Fill us with compassion For all living things. Amen."